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Crime is getting worse. 

Much of this increase in crime is the result of policies like Proposition 47 that reduced penalties for crime.  The result is a rash of retail theft, sideshows, looting, and rising violent crime. 

I'm not willing to just stand by and wait.

Since the Legislature is either unwilling or able to take action, I am proud to join with the Deputy District Attorney's in supporting the "Homelessness, Drug Addiction, and Theft Reduction Act."

This measure will :

•    Expand Drug and Mental Health Treatment to tackle the root cause of homelessness.
•    Enhance Penalties for Armed Drug Possession to get violent dealers off the street.
•    Increase penalties for trafficking hard drugs and allow judges to sentence drug dealers to state prison.
•    Make drug dealers subject to murder charges if their activities lead to death.
•    Mandate treatment for repeat drug offenders.
•    Restore criminal penalties for repeat offenders and smash-and-grab gangs.


We will be gathering signatures door-to-door and in front of shopping centers throughout the district.  

Sign up by clicking the petition (image): 

or email


Tom Patti for Mayor 2024 ID#1461917
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