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We need bold action to move Stockton forward.

Tom Patti is a man of action - and that's exactly what Stockton needs right now.

It's time for real action and results to reduce the impact of homelessness, ensure the safety of our families, boost job creation, create more opportunity, increase pay, and make City Hall more responsive to issues that affect our daily lives - like fixing potholes, making government more accessible to the public, and holding people accountable.


Sunday, March 10, 2024 4:09 AM

Early results show Patti with strong lead in mayor’s race


Early results show Patti with strong lead in mayor’s race.

STOKCTON-San Joaquin County Supervisor Tom Patti put on a strong showing in the early primary results in the race to be Stockton’s next mayor, and former vice mayor Christina Fugazi was positioned to join him in the general election.

All the Stockton city races seemed destine to go to runoffs on Nov. 5, with none of the candidates approaching the 50 percent plus one vote needed to secure election in the primary. Besides the mayor’s contests, there are races for the District 2, 4 and 6 seats on the Stockton City Council.

The latest results have Patti garnering 35.06 percent of the vote, with Fugazi at 23.59 and Stockton City Councilman Dan Wright with 18.43.

The vote counting continues, but Patti said he’s seen enough to foresee a Fall matchup with Fugazi.

“I’m confident I’ll be in the race in November and I’m confident that my opponent will be Christina Fugazi,” Patti said on Tuesday evening. “I’m happy about that because Christina is a friend and I think it will be a good campaign.”


Sunday, September 3, 2023 1:50 AM

Patti’s ‘compassionate approach’ to homelessness & why it could work




Tom Patti has been called a lot of things. One of them isn’t a bleeding heart liberal.

To say Patti is passionate — as well as intense at times — qualifies as an understatement.

So when Patti states with solid conviction “it’s not compassion to leave someone to live in squalor and  despair” when talking about the homeless, it might be tempting to write off such talk as an opportunistic sound bite.

It is anything but.

Patti has spent the last six years as a supervisor looking for workable  solutions to address homeless issues with the county. He led the charge to try and convert an old school campus in eastern San Joaquin County’s farm country into a homeless shelter/navigation center.
It was torpedoed by Stockton-based homeless advocates.

Patti repeatedly locked horns with those among homeless advocates that were in positions of political power who believed providing housing first was the key. The navigation approach where the homeless had to agree to be a part the solution by committing to — and accessing — services to get to the root of what they are on the street was considered too inhumane.

Then, after hundreds of million of dollars spent statewide over the last four years, to build brick and mortar housing for the homeless, a funny thing happened.

Patti’s point was verified.



Sunday, September 3, 2023 1:34 AM

2024 Stockton mayor race is starting to heat up as Tom Patti declares run.



“I’ve also been asked and am seriously considering running for mayor of Stockton to push for real action on creating jobs, cracking down on crime, reducing the impact homelessness has on our community and creating vocational education programs to help the next generation — all issues I’ve proudly worked on as a county supervisor,” Patti told Stocktonia.

Patti is in his second and final term as the county’s District 3 supervisor, which encompasses the Spanos Park area of Stockton, as well as Lathrop and Manteca. He defeated former Stockton Vice Mayor Elbert Holman Jr. to win reelection in 2020.


Sunday, September 3, 2023 1:26 AM

Patti inspires workers to build a better life.


Finally, our Ready To Work clients heard from San Joaquin County Supervisor Tom Patti who, like Doug Kuehne, knew what it was like being in their shoes. Having experienced hard times in his youth, he shared with these men that with enough drive, hard work and the right leadership, they can truly accomplish anything. 



Sunday, September 3, 2023 1:21 AM

Patti pushes for action on homelessness


STOCKTON – Turning The Stockton Record building – currently for sale – into a comprehensive homeless shelter for downtown Stockton is scheduled to be discussed by the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors at its regular meeting at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

The proposal, from Supervisor Tom Patti, recommends that the five-member board discuss the county’s emergency shelter situation and then direct the General Services Department to study the viability of turning The Stockton Record office building at 530 E. Market St. into a full-service transitional housing facility.


Sunday, September 3, 2023 1:19 AM

Patti pushes for plan to get homeless off the street


San Joaquin County Supervisor Tom Patti is working on a plan to possibly spend $1 million set aside in federal relief funds for his district to establish a massive tent shelter to house those considered vulnerable to COVID-19 among the county’s homeless population.

It is based on a similar project in San Diego that employs a massive industrialized tent that can house 324 homeless people and costs $1 million to acquire. Patti, who represents Lathrop, Manteca north of Yosemite Avenue and parts of Stockton, said he is working with another supervisor that is interested in possibly committing $1 million of the $3 million that is set aside for each supervisorial district to address COVID-19 relief efforts to the homeless project as well.

If the shelter is a qualified use of the funding, $2 million would create housing for 648 homeless. Patti said he is already in discussion with non-profits interested in working with the homeless to address issues that have put them on the street and to work with them to get back on their own feet.


Sunday, September 3, 2023 1:16 AM

Tom Patti: County Supervisor.

Tom Patti was overwhelmingly elected to the County Board of Supervisors, District 3, in 2016.  Supervisor Patti recognizes the challenges facing San Joaquin County, and the need for transformative leadership to change the trajectory of our community.  To achieve this, he will focus on education, economic development, public safety — and tackling the connected issues of mental health, homelessness and caring for veterans.

Sunday, September 3, 2023 1:11 AM

Patti hailed as hero.

STOCKTON, Calif. (KCRA) — After witnessing a woman being viciously attacked, San Joaquin County District 3 Supervisor Tom Patti said he stepped in to help.

Patti attended a crab dinner fundraiser Friday night for the Cosumnes Firefighters Association in Elk Grove. After the event, Patti said he went to visit a friend in downtown Stockton. He was sitting in his car, parked on California Street near Main Street.


"Somebody comes to a screeching halt right next to me, and there's a guy, a really big guy, in the back seat and he just starts punching the heck out of this poor gal," Patti said.

Patti said a third person was also in the car.

"She gets out of the car and, at one point, starts waving for help," he said. "And I knew I needed to create some separation between him and her."

That's when Patti confronted the man.

"He was being aggressive, and I knew what was coming. So, I threw a punch to keep him off and defend myself because of his aggression,” he said. “He was like, 'What are you gonna do?' challenging me and I’m trying to create separation for her to get away."

Patti is also on the board of directors for CrimeStoppers. He said the right thing to do in this situation is call police. He said despite the injuries, he would not have changed a thing.

"I was just glad I was able to help this girl, at this moment, in this point in time,” Patti said. “She was in a bad situation."

Stockton police are investigating. An officer confirmed that the woman has not come forward and has not filed a police report.

Patti plans to be at work Tuesday morning for a scheduled Board of Supervisor's meeting. He said he’ll likely put on a little makeup to cover the bruises.


Saturday, September 2, 2023 10:45 PM



Very few men can say they trained, sparred with and still share a special friendship with Mike Tyson. Tom Patti is one of them. His relationship with the champ originated under the legendary trainer “Cus” D’Amato. 


Tuesday, October 11, 2022 1:03 AM

Patti town hall Saturday featuring Michael Franzese


STOCKTON — San Joaquin County Supervisor Tom Patti is using a town hall event Saturday supporting his run for Congress to highlight redemption.

Michael Franzese, who went from mob boss to Christian to motivational speaker to best-selling author, is appearing on Patti’s behalf Saturday, Oct. 22, at 1:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church at 3535 North El Dorado Street  in Stockton.

Franzese was one of New York’s most notorious mobsters before being sent to prison. He was depicted in Martin Scorsese’s movie “Goodfellas.” While in prison he was handed a bible and devoted his life to God and family. He is now married with five children and changing lives with his books and motivational speaking. He recently returned from 25 speaking engagements in Europe.
His new book is “Mafia Democracy: How Our Republic Became a Mob Racket.” In it he highlights disturbing parallels between today’s political leaders and mob bosses.


Monday, November 1, 2021 1:06 AM

Who is Tom Patti - Mike Tyson's friend or his coach and manager after Cus D'Amato's death?


Tom Patti, Mike Tyson's fellow mentee under legendary boxing coach Cus D'Amato, is currently serving as Supervisor of San Joaquin County, California.


Wednesday, May 6, 2020 3:20 AM

Patti fighting to let people get back to work.


STOCKTON (CBS13) — San Joaquin County has joined a growing list of communities applying for local control over reopening.

Business owners are desperate to open and pay their bills, but increasing coronavirus cases and deaths will make it tough to meet the governor's requirements.

"We're now getting to a desperate stage where our economy, in order to bounce back, is going to have to step up and go to work," said Tom Patti.

As a business owner and county supervisor, Patti speaks for the side that is ready to open now. He's organizing a rally at the Sherwood Mall Saturday at 11 a.m.

"Businesses want to serve their customers and they want to do it safely. They'll wear face guards if that's what we decide needs to happen. They'll gladly embrace doing it," he said.

Patti disagrees with the governor's approach, and said: "one size does not fit all." He wants to see local control without conditions.


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